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Didn’t Get Your CSL Renewal Notice? Here’s What to Do

Construction supervisor license

Don’t PANIC!

If you are a pessimist, you expect things to go wrong. If you are an optimist, you might say, “Every day is a good day. Some are just better than others.”

In the grander scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if you are a pessimist or an optimist. Things go wrong. If you did not receive your CSL Renewal Notice, something may have gone wrong. It’s not the end of the world.

Blame Somebody, But Do Something

The post office has always been a good scapegoat. You know, “Your check is in the mail.” Not that any of us have ever said that. Who knows, maybe the postman “mist” you.

CSL renewal license

Or maybe your renewal notice came on the day your daughter’s gerbils escaped and shredded “something” to make a new nest behind the refrigerator.

Or maybe the state of Massachusetts never sent your CSL Renewal Notice in the mail. Before you start blaming the bureaucrats, maybe, just maybe, they emailed it.

Or, as improbable as it sounds, is it possible that you misplaced it?

The important thing is to recognize that it doesn’t matter why you haven’t received your renewal notice. What matters is what you do now.

Rock ‘n Roll

As the great philosopher, Elvis Presley, once said, “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

CSL renewal license

If you haven’t received your renewal notice, it is time for you to rock ‘n’ roll and take matters into your own hands. After all, you are the license holder and you are responsible for obtaining and having the license in order to legally do the work of a construction supervisor. If everything goes according to plan, your renewal notice should arrive approximately 60 days before your current license expires. If that hasn’t happened, it may be time for you to take action.

It is also important to recognize that times and technologies are changing. In fact, you may now go online to and request a duplicate renewal form. You may complete the form and submit it directly to the Department of Public Safety. There is no need to print the form except to have a copy for your own files. You should receive an email with the Renewal Notice included within three days. It’s as simple as that.

Another Reason to Not Panic

Being conscientious is great, but there is no need to be anxious. The DPS allows a one-year grace period for renewal after your current CSL expires. They, too, understand that things can go wrong. There is no penalty assessed if you obtain your renewal within that period.

However, we do not recommend using the grace period as a reason to drag your feet and delay fulfilling your continuing education requirements. With CSLs issued in two-year periods, there is more than enough time during those 24 months to take the required courses.

Speaking of those required courses, did you know that you can Take our Construction Supervisor License classes for free? Click on that link today and check it out. You can start your next class today . . . but you don’t need to finish it today. You can pause your progress at any point in the course and resume at that point whenever it is convenient for you. You don’t pay until you successfully complete the course. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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